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  Those are my 3 favorites as well. Love LO and I always wish him the best through all his tough times.


  Thankful for my season tickets, not missing this one


  Will never forget the day we traded for him. Absolutely deserved, Pau is a Laker legend! The instant chemistry between him and Kobe was unreal


  Stephen A’s rant will forever be associated with that trade


  “我以为我们付出了奥多姆和/或是拜纳姆 ,所以当我回到家发现球队基本上就送出了夸梅-布朗,我De反应和史蒂芬-A最后一样哈哈哈”

  Definitely. I remember getting a call from my uncle on the way back from school saying he heard we traded for Pau on the radio but didn’t know who for (this was before the days that everyone had a smart phone and could instantly check on Twitter).

  I assumed it would be for Odom and/or Bynum… so when I got home and found out it was essentially only for Kwame, I pretty much had the same reaction that SAS ended up having lol


  one of the biggest fleeces in NBA history


  I mean, the Grizzlies got a player that would be an integral part of their core for years.


  Marc happened to hit, though. It wasn’t guaranteed, and I think Pop’s reaction at the time is accurate, the Lakers absolutely got the far better part of the trade, and the Grizzlies were fortunate enough to have Marc turn out great.



  He’s the second Laker after Kobe to get his jersey retired despite not being in the Hall of Fame



  We don’t win those 2 without Pau.

  Laker legend ????


  Hopefully it’s hanging right next to Kobe


  Congrats to Pau, well deserved


  Pau is so underrated all time and y’all know it


  This is the only good thing that’s gonna happen for us this season.


  Best Lakers news of the day.